Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza Opens at Disney Springs

Blaze Fast-Fired’d Pizza heats things up at Disney Springs with much needed counter service option offering an impressive menu and unique ingredients. This restaurant has you create your own artisanal pizza. They serve 11-inch pizzas in about 3 minutes which is pretty fast. They also serve salads, desserts, teas, and fruity drinks. There are more and more of these kind of restaurants appearing around the nation and Blaze Fast-Fired’d Pizza is really no different. So if you are looking for something really different, you might want to eat somewhere else. Where Blaze Fast-Fired’d Pizza shines is that it’s a great counter service restaurant and it helps draw crowds away from other really popular counter service restaurants around Disney Springs such as D-Luxe Burger. It’s also cheaper than D-Luxe Burger and you get more food. So, if you are wanting a pretty solid pizza at a decent price, you are not wanting a burger, and you need to grab something and hit the road, then ignite your tastebuds at Blaze Fast-Fired’d Pizza.

Photo Credits: Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza and Claire Lower

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